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Three Sentence Ficathon. I am still working on my NaNo, I can't be distracted! *is distracted for several minutes* GODDAMMIT!!!

Link is so I can find it again on Tuesday and hope it's still in progress:

Three Sentence Ficathon 2015

NaNo update

Friday, November 6th, 2015 08:49 pm
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All goes well in NaNoland so far, I am where I want to be story wise after six days. My characters are singing to me, I love them so much! I haven't got to the real villain of the piece yet though, that one may want to claw my face off.
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Ugh, body why do you do this every month? I hate you! I also side eye every comment made to me online and in real life so... *headdesk*

I got my Jukebox story back from beta, thank you lovely beta! Unfortunately it was done in MS Word, I don't have Word and the only compatible programme is playing merry hell with the comments portion.

Le sigh.

The feedback that I can read is excellent and has inspired me to burn the story to the ground and rebuild it, Million Dollar Man style; it will be stronger, faster, and more awesome than the original.

I need to do significant work on the characters, world building, cut two scenes, flesh out the remaining one, and just generally get my shit together in terms of my English language skills. I don't know how I've made it through life so long with a love of writing but only the barest understanding of formal sentence structure and grammar. That's the New Zealand education system at it's finest though; the cracks are so wide a building could fall through them.

The timing conflicts with NaNo so project Jukebox is being sidelined until later in the year or next year now.

Yuletide is a definite no go now. I can't trust myself to produce a work of quality for it. I can't see anyone wanting to write my requested fandoms. I do not like pinch hit fulfilments, they don't have the same sparkle as a story from someone in love with the fandom.

So I am tempted to go from "Planning" NaNo to "Pantsing" NaNo because the planning side is going against my nature as a spontaneous writer who makes it up as she goes.

Pantsing. Heh.


Saturday, October 24th, 2015 11:39 am
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So um, maybe I don't do Yuletide this year, I talked about skipping it in previous years due to bad experiences but this year, committing to NaNo and possibly a post NaNo editing schedule, maybe I won't join in the Yuletide madness.

I failed to get a Jukebox story in which apparently pissed off the person who wrote a story for me because they never responded to my feedback on how great the story was. I feel bad about that.

I did a brief match up of what I'd want in Yuletide and there were no matches to my desired fandoms this year anyway, it feels like a no great loss situation. Anything that sparked I could write as a treat and feel obligation free.


Saturday, October 17th, 2015 11:32 am
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So I'm on target to do NaNoWriMo this year.

Characters fleshed out? Check.
Pushing past my comfort zones? OMG yes.
Worldbuilding? In progress.
Plotting? In progress.
Cover art ready to go? Guilty as charged.
Terrified of failing again? *noises like a fiery jet hitting the earth and exploding spectacularly*

So, is anyone else doing NaNo this year?
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Good Morning Campers

Is anybody participating in Camp Nano? I'm not sure about it, I don't have anything non-fanfic related finished to beyond 10K words so it's probably not worth it for me but I was just curious.

Is anybody participating in Night on Fic Mountain? Again, I'm just curious.

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