Saturday, October 24th, 2015 11:39 am
supertights: Gif of a cat driving a car (Taxicat.)
So um, maybe I don't do Yuletide this year, I talked about skipping it in previous years due to bad experiences but this year, committing to NaNo and possibly a post NaNo editing schedule, maybe I won't join in the Yuletide madness.

I failed to get a Jukebox story in which apparently pissed off the person who wrote a story for me because they never responded to my feedback on how great the story was. I feel bad about that.

I did a brief match up of what I'd want in Yuletide and there were no matches to my desired fandoms this year anyway, it feels like a no great loss situation. Anything that sparked I could write as a treat and feel obligation free.

Doot Doot

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 01:33 pm
supertights: Gif of a cat driving a car (Taxicat.)
Anxiety attack at a formal full staff meeting this week, haven't had one like that for ages, I had to push the anxiety down so it didn't overwhelm me. Practically ran back to work afterwards, but the stomach overrode the brain and I stopped by the food table on the way out the door.

Yuletide is perking me up a bit too. I always say that don't I, up until I hate it again when no one wants to write in my fandoms. Pfft.

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