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So it's my annual toss up, do I do one, the other, both, or neither.

This year, I'm leaning towards neither. I'm so frigging tired all the time, I have zero energy for projects. I love writing but I don't know, every year Yuletide particularly becomes harder to deal with. Everyone's requests are so damned specific and unique and problematic and I just don't think I can deal this year. 

Luxury thoughts

Saturday, May 21st, 2016 10:49 am
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Health problems once more rear their ugly heads. This time I need to have an MRI, I don't suffer claustrophobia so I'm lucky with that, but what bugs me is that this stupid guy in a queue behind me yesterday wouldn't stop coughing and sneezing in my hair. I'm going to have to go hard core on Fisherman's Friend to stop any cold taking hold until after the MRI because I can't be sneezing and coughing in it, they'll probably defer it until I'm not prone to sudden movements.

The luxury of guilt when you've been talking salt with a friend about someone who is a pain in the ass. I'm too old to be doing that but I am so PMS it's not even a joke so yes, my ability to shrug it off slipped and salt occured. Now I feel a weight of guilt.

Having my Aunt stay has been amazing but I am so behind with where I need to be with my Jukebox story. I need to get on that, I cannot default under any circumstances short of catastrophic.

I am so tired.
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I have signed up for Jukebox 2016. So far I've only matched on the same one twice and it's kind of near the bottom of my list of desired requests. :/

I won't complain about not matching on more than that though, I see other requests and I'm fairly sure it's probably that persons entire list that hasn't matched. Still early days. It's a really folk heavy list of songs this year and I'm so off folk right now. I've made offers for what I think I can write (none folk), if I got an answer to my question then I'd have more offers to make.

EDIT. Question answered. Negatory on the more offers.

Post EDIT edit: None of my offers have matched, this concerns me more than one match for my requests. I do not want to change my offers to things I have little to no confidence writing. I think I'd rather delete the whole sign up than write for a song I'm disconnected from. :(

New post EDIT edit edit: So I added one more offer to something I think I can write in the requestors zone of interest. W00t for one match!
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I want to be enthusiastic but I'm so damn tired right now.
I want to believe in myself but I don't believe I can do anything.
PMS paranoia has reared its ugly head again.
(Go NZ Flag voters, we get to keep old faithful!)
I did write an entire 50,000 word first draft in NaNo though,
so I can pry the words from my unyielding mind when the occasion calls for it.
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Where I deleted something off AO3 because I lost faith in myself and the age old anxiety kicked in, there are days like today that I want to go in and delete everything.

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