Saturday, April 9th, 2016 11:54 am
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So wow, I love my Jukebox assignment, so inspiring and the requestor's letter is super cool and full of great ideas.

Maybe I'll be able to do some treats too.
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So I firmly believe that having your Dear DJ letter up before sign-ups close is a good thing. Some folk might be on the cusp of offering something and if your letter turns out to be full of interesting/non-terrifying requests, it might well nudge them over the edge into offering one of them.

On the flip side of that, by my calculations, I matched on six out of seven requests and five out of six offers. TERRIFYING!! Several of those were for art (EVEN MORE TERRIFYING!!)

I have no idea what I'll receive in my inbox because of this.

One challenge down

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 07:28 pm
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Original writing this year seems to be the way of it. I've finished one and I'm waiting on Jukebox to close so I can receive my assignment.
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I don't feel like transferring it to AO3 though, what's the point? Mostly gen Avengers Academy, Runaways, and New Warriors stuff. None of the rated stories though, those ones I burned.
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I have signed up for Jukebox 2016. So far I've only matched on the same one twice and it's kind of near the bottom of my list of desired requests. :/

I won't complain about not matching on more than that though, I see other requests and I'm fairly sure it's probably that persons entire list that hasn't matched. Still early days. It's a really folk heavy list of songs this year and I'm so off folk right now. I've made offers for what I think I can write (none folk), if I got an answer to my question then I'd have more offers to make.

EDIT. Question answered. Negatory on the more offers.

Post EDIT edit: None of my offers have matched, this concerns me more than one match for my requests. I do not want to change my offers to things I have little to no confidence writing. I think I'd rather delete the whole sign up than write for a song I'm disconnected from. :(

New post EDIT edit edit: So I added one more offer to something I think I can write in the requestors zone of interest. W00t for one match!
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Dear DJ

Oh how I love you for writing me a story, not in a stalker-love kind of way, but a very thankful, gosh you're a kind soul kind of way so may you have a lovely Jukebox experience. I do have a few DNW's (and every time I look at someone's letter I think, "Oh no, do I have to add that as well?") mine are below. I have made a few suggestions for each prompt but they are exactly that, just suggestions. It's your story.

I like:
  • Complex many-faceted characters from all walks of life
  • Characters that have human frailties and are flawed even if they also have strength and power
  • Fairy tales rewritten in ways that reinvigorate and give new twists that make them contemporary
  • I am a sucker for superhero or super villain origin stories
  • Fantasy where characters are challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • Science fiction that is heavy on science
  • Strong world building
  • Urban fantasy (minus the romance)
  • Also a sucker for happy endings, fluff, crack, plottiness, hurt/comfort, kindness, height difference, love, tenderness, friendship, families being families, curtain fic, heroism, magic, fix-it fics, holiday fics, rule 63, touch, intimacy, mentors being awesome, women being awesome, secret identity failures, aaaaaand did I mention happy endings.
Totes happy to receive fic with these:
  • Offensive language
  • Gen, het, slash, or femslash - it's your choice.
Specifically do not want please:
  • Explicit sexual content of any kind
  • Gratuitous violence (excludes fantasy violence or comedic violence)
  • Sexual violence, dub-con, non-con, abuse, incest, underage, pregnancy
  • Self harm and suicide
  • Angst or depression (it's just too hard for me to read stories about depression as a sufferer)
  • Animal abuse or pet death
  • Character death
  • I'm sorry if it feels restrictive but I have reasons.

Requests (in no particular order):

Team - Lorde (Song) | Fanfic | YouTube | Lyrics

Call all the ladies out, They're in their finery
A hundred jewels on throats, A hundred jewels between teeth
Now bring my boys in, Their skin in craters like the moon
The moon we love like a brother, while he glows through the room

I can think of a lot of possibilities with this story: superheroes or villains, a masquerade ball of aliens, fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy, fairytale. The choice is yours and if you want to go somewhere else with it, please do.

Glory and Gore - Lorde (Song) | Fanfic | YouTube | Lyrics

Delicate in every way but one (the swordplay)
God knows we like archaic kinds of fun (the old way)
Chance is the only game I play with, baby
We let our battles choose us

This feels like a song about fighting and drinking, drinking and fighting, more fighting, and then having fun afterwards. It could be the story of an epic bar brawl in a fantasy pub that spills out into a city, a cosplay battle between enraged fandoms at a 'con, a D&D type situation that takes on horrible reality, a book club getting out of hand, the possibilities are endless.

Princes of the Universe - Queen (Song) | Fanfic | YouTube | Lyrics

Born to be kings, princes of the universe
Fighting and free, got your world in my hand
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
We were born to be princes of the universe

It feels quite grand this song, a song of men, strapping warrior men who cannot be bested by anyone except maybe each other. Princes of the universe, so like, aliens then? Conquering worlds in some one-up-manship type competition but really is it just love? Ugh, save me from my sappiness.

Wisdom, Justice, and Love - Linkin Park (Song) | Fanfic | YouTube | Lyrics

Cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love

This piece, I don't want to call it music because it borrows heavily from Dr Martin Luther King Jnr's speech. It feels like an AI is thinking about human qualities in theory and finding them hard in practice. It's science fiction-y, it's speculative. It's whatever you feel like writing.

Diamonds - Rihanna (Music Video) | Fanfic | YouTube | Lyrics

What I take from this video is that the narrator is a woman who can't help getting into trouble. I feel an urban fantasy witch thief type story would fit maybe. Up to you.

Kings - The Pierces (Music Video) | Fanfic | YouTube | Lyrics

What's really going on here? Is it war? Are they flirting each other, with weapons? Is it a celebration of womanhood in general? I love the visuals. It feels alien and apocalyptic and ancient but determinedly feminine. I hope you feel inspired.

Run Boy run - Woodkid (Music Video) | Fanfic | YouTube | Lyrics

This video is full of such cool imagery, black and white in the style of an old monster film, it appears dream-like, running and falling and running again with friends and foes (although you never see them). What is the boy running from or to though?

Well, that was a marathon I hear you say. It was, I agree, but thank you for persevering. :)
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I want to be enthusiastic but I'm so damn tired right now.
I want to believe in myself but I don't believe I can do anything.
PMS paranoia has reared its ugly head again.
(Go NZ Flag voters, we get to keep old faithful!)
I did write an entire 50,000 word first draft in NaNo though,
so I can pry the words from my unyielding mind when the occasion calls for it.
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Don't kill me.

I didn't really like it, it looks bad. I was iffy about the last one but this one just... no. So many better movies to spend money on.
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How disappointing in every way possible.

*edit* I don't know why I thought it would be any different from the last one.
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Three Sentence Ficathon. I am still working on my NaNo, I can't be distracted! *is distracted for several minutes* GODDAMMIT!!!

Link is so I can find it again on Tuesday and hope it's still in progress:

Three Sentence Ficathon 2015

NaNo update

Friday, November 6th, 2015 08:49 pm
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All goes well in NaNoland so far, I am where I want to be story wise after six days. My characters are singing to me, I love them so much! I haven't got to the real villain of the piece yet though, that one may want to claw my face off.
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Ugh, body why do you do this every month? I hate you! I also side eye every comment made to me online and in real life so... *headdesk*

I got my Jukebox story back from beta, thank you lovely beta! Unfortunately it was done in MS Word, I don't have Word and the only compatible programme is playing merry hell with the comments portion.

Le sigh.

The feedback that I can read is excellent and has inspired me to burn the story to the ground and rebuild it, Million Dollar Man style; it will be stronger, faster, and more awesome than the original.

I need to do significant work on the characters, world building, cut two scenes, flesh out the remaining one, and just generally get my shit together in terms of my English language skills. I don't know how I've made it through life so long with a love of writing but only the barest understanding of formal sentence structure and grammar. That's the New Zealand education system at it's finest though; the cracks are so wide a building could fall through them.

The timing conflicts with NaNo so project Jukebox is being sidelined until later in the year or next year now.

Yuletide is a definite no go now. I can't trust myself to produce a work of quality for it. I can't see anyone wanting to write my requested fandoms. I do not like pinch hit fulfilments, they don't have the same sparkle as a story from someone in love with the fandom.

So I am tempted to go from "Planning" NaNo to "Pantsing" NaNo because the planning side is going against my nature as a spontaneous writer who makes it up as she goes.

Pantsing. Heh.


Saturday, October 24th, 2015 11:39 am
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So um, maybe I don't do Yuletide this year, I talked about skipping it in previous years due to bad experiences but this year, committing to NaNo and possibly a post NaNo editing schedule, maybe I won't join in the Yuletide madness.

I failed to get a Jukebox story in which apparently pissed off the person who wrote a story for me because they never responded to my feedback on how great the story was. I feel bad about that.

I did a brief match up of what I'd want in Yuletide and there were no matches to my desired fandoms this year anyway, it feels like a no great loss situation. Anything that sparked I could write as a treat and feel obligation free.


Saturday, October 17th, 2015 11:32 am
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So I'm on target to do NaNoWriMo this year.

Characters fleshed out? Check.
Pushing past my comfort zones? OMG yes.
Worldbuilding? In progress.
Plotting? In progress.
Cover art ready to go? Guilty as charged.
Terrified of failing again? *noises like a fiery jet hitting the earth and exploding spectacularly*

So, is anyone else doing NaNo this year?
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My icon is NW Forever so it's ironic that I've been considering retiring from the New Warriors fandom.

I've loved this fictional team for twenty-five years (I'm so fucking old) so it's no small decision but I'm just not feeling it anymore. I already left that forum full of diehard male readers assholes who had to nitpick everything I posted. AO3 doesn't generate much. A look at the latest couple of fics on *shudders*

We're almost at the one year anniversary of the volume five series ending, it had so much promise but didn't quite click with readers for whatever reason, I loved those dorks.

Read more... )

Doot Doot

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 01:33 pm
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Anxiety attack at a formal full staff meeting this week, haven't had one like that for ages, I had to push the anxiety down so it didn't overwhelm me. Practically ran back to work afterwards, but the stomach overrode the brain and I stopped by the food table on the way out the door.

Yuletide is perking me up a bit too. I always say that don't I, up until I hate it again when no one wants to write in my fandoms. Pfft.
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Where I deleted something off AO3 because I lost faith in myself and the age old anxiety kicked in, there are days like today that I want to go in and delete everything.
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While it's true that I basically gave up during my nervous breakdown time, I am inspired by ariabauer to just write for the sheer love of it and build up my writing skills again.

My debt to fanfiction
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I, of course, am not an expert in this. Let's be honest from the outset though, there are very few, if any, original ideas left in writing. There are simply original takes on things that have already happened at other people's pens.

Context: I'm trying to write a story for "an upcoming fandom exchange" that walks a fine line between original fiction and inspired by the "core material" while not being a word for word copy, an uses 'tropes sparringly but well.

Fantasy: I want it to be fun, quirky, sassy. I want it to be memorable.

Reality: At this point, I'm going to hope for the best. I'm not feeling my story at all, it's the second major attempt at writing something for this prompt, the first attempt didn't feel right even as I was writing it-- this one feels moderately better but meh overall. It feels a little violent, vulgar, and ugly.

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