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My icon is NW Forever so it's ironic that I've been considering retiring from the New Warriors fandom.

I've loved this fictional team for twenty-five years (I'm so fucking old) so it's no small decision but I'm just not feeling it anymore. I already left that forum full of diehard male readers assholes who had to nitpick everything I posted. AO3 doesn't generate much. A look at the latest couple of fics on *shudders*

We're almost at the one year anniversary of the volume five series ending, it had so much promise but didn't quite click with readers for whatever reason, I loved those dorks.

What got me to this point though, was seeing a New Warriors story linked in yesterday's comictore_news - that is exciting, believe me, the fandom is stagnant so new fic is a treasure. It was slashy porn. Not only was it porn but it was boring porn with every cliche in the book, something I might write and I'm a terrible porn writer and should never be allowed to write it again. PWP is supposed to be exactly that but does it have to be so formulaic? It checked too many boxes in the wrong list. Hate-sex, dub-con. Just ick really.

The last few fics in the fandom have been PWP in English and Russian, one schmoopy slash fic, (a death fic written for me), and that Freaky Friday story I started for Mitch. There was an interesting AU where Vance never joined the team and ended up with the X-Men but that's stalled.

God, it's all so boring except any story written for me, those are nuggets of pure sweet gold.

Retiring from a dead fandom doesn't seem like a big thing but it's my comfy fandom blankey, and I've been clinging to it too long. We all stay with fandoms for our own reasons but those reasons don't stack up for me anymore.

Date: 2016-03-05 11:24 pm (UTC)
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Well, there are a few good New Warriors fanfics which are up in AO3 after you left. There is one such author called Glittergrenade in AO3 where she writes fanfics of New Warriors, Avengers Academy, Young Avengers, Spider-Man, Avengers (especially about Hank Pym), Thunderbolts (only about Penance) and a few others. Many of her fanfics I have read are mostly hurt/comfort, romance and angst fics. - glittergrenade's works - 'Love Triangles' the New Warriors multi-chapter fanfic - 'Broken Together' the short fanfic about Speedball and Scarlet Spider in a friendship fic - 'Familiar' the short fanfic of Vance's time in prison - 'The Morning After' is another short angsty fanfic with Vance and Robbie with hurt/comfort - 'The Superior Nova' the multi-chapter AU fanfic of what if Richard Rider went crazy thanks to the war and having too much powers. - 'NW vs ISIS' the short fanfic when the New New Warriors are itching for action but the warzone reminds Speedball of the unpleasant experience he had. There's no death of NW members, just mentions of death. - 'Good Time' the friendship fanfic of Richard Rider and Vance Astrovik - 'Porcelain' the Thunderbolts fanfic where one member of Thunderbolts feels bad for Robbie Baldwin as Penance. - 'Juvie' a fanfic about Tommy Shepherd's time in prison before the rescue by Young Avengers. - 'I Am Not A Fish!' a cute humor fanfic about Namor and Fantomex

Also, there are New Warrior fanfics written by other writers like... - 'Fifth Anniversary' by WeepingAngel413 . A fanfic where New New Warriors learn a bit more about Stamford Incident which the comics barely touch upon it. - Of Bets, Old Jokes and Pinings by sports_hoe . A cute fanfic with the New New Warriors playing the Truth or Dare game and there's VanceRobbie ship.

About that death fic with New Warriors, I wrote it because I always have a morbid mind (and being depressed with unfair cancellations of the comic). And with many speculations of Secret Wars at that time, it was basically the end of the world in Marvel Universe so I wanted to write it as a bit of a closure. Although, it did turned out the mainstream Marvel Universe got restored after Secret Wars ended (I could explain it later about what really happened). However, every time I reread my own fanfiction, I still that it doesn't sound right because I am not good at writing fanfiction.
Anyway, just don't give up, I hope some things may look up for you. I know this may not be easy for you but keep on writing fanfics if you feel like it.

Date: 2016-04-04 08:12 am (UTC)
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Thanks for compiling the list for me.

I think I need to say that I don't read angst fiction because I had a nervous breakdown and suffered from depression for a long time afterwards. I still find it hard to pick my mood up most days. It is what it is, I write light fluffy fiction with happy endings as a way to combat it.

I did read your story though and I liked it too despite the outrageously sad ending, lol. So keep writing!

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