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Just to think about things, how do I really feel about it. Conflicted. More importantly, irritated as hell. When it was announced, I was so surprised by a supposedly unpopular team being given a show. Don't argue, they are extremely unpopular with the Marvel elite and often end up as literal canon fodder for anguished heroes to cry over. So why a show? Because Squirrel Girl couldn't stand on her own. I was against it on principle because since the third series (which is no coincidence) they have been square-pegging other characters into the team. Just look at Avengers: The Initiative where they added flipping Ultragirl and Slapstick into the team. Yuck.

Also, I called it on Debrii being gay. Oh yeah, in that story about Speedball post Dark Reign which was apparently super OOC for everyone, where she arrived with her French girlfriend. Psychic skills ftw. Story in my fic graveyard now.

Back on topic, so then they announce which characters will actually be in the show. Mr Immortal? WTFingF?! Everyone else if fine but how disappointing that they teased Justice before, then dropped him like a lead balloon. Why?
  • mutant
  • child abuse survivor
  • killer
  • telekinetic
Mutant is a bad word in Marvel owned Movie-verse so let's not go there. The show is a comedy and there is nothing funny about being abused or killing your abuser. I added one more. He's a telekinetic and they've added Debrii to the ranks so it's possible they just don't want two telekinetics on the team. Reading through the synopsis and character profiles, it appears that they have taken aspects of Vance's personality and added them to Robbie. Hmmm. *frowny face* The one that surprised me is Night Thrasher. Are his parents alive? Where is the dramatic tension and 90% of the canon background for the team's creation if his parents are still alive?

I am still thinking about this stuff. It will be pretty cool to see Speedball in living colour but it won't be the same without Marvel Boy, Nova, Firestar, Namorita, etc. I love Microbe being back through, gosh I was sad when he was killed in the event that shall not be named.

I may bring this unholy mess of a show back up again sometime. Sorry.
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