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Dear Yuletide Writer

Sorry sorry sorry, I wasn't expecting the matching to go quite so quickly so I'm running to finish this in between other commitments this week. I'm sorry it's taken this long to gather my thoughts.

Thank you for choosing to write in one of my requested fandoms, you are generous beyond words!

Immediate disclaimer: If you want to write a seasonal-xmas-hannukah-yule-insertchosenfestiveoccasionhere story, feel free. If you don't want to do it, feel free not to - I guarantee I won't mind either way.


New Warriors: Vance Astrovik

This is my rare Marvel fandom request so I'll burble most about this one. Vance Astrovik is a mutant in the Marvel Universe and is aligned with the New Warriors. I assume if you signed up for New Warriors you are at least passingly familar with him but if you need more info, then wikipedia is a good starting point though it doesn9;t cover the last series of New Warriors. Marvel Wiki and Comic Vine have information as well in varying degrees of usefulness. Despite my utter dislike for the forum, New Warriors dot com has a good overview for the comic book life of Vance Astrovik. Somewhere on tumblr there is a New Warriors masterpost which is very good.

Specifically I really like the way that Vance has been characterised by Chris Yost in volume five of New Warriors, smart, empathic, optismistic, powerful, and kind. He wants the team back together, he's been convinced it's a good thing, now he just needs to show them all that it's a good idea. His showdown with Iron Man and Captain America was so in tune with his personal philosophies and I loved how the series ended on that upbeat note about expanding the team. I also have a fondness for Vance as Marvel Boy from the volume one stories by Fabian Nicieza, he was so earnest and eager to be a hero, sometimes it went well, other times, not so much, but he never lost his optimism.

Anything that fits into those volumes would be amazing. I'm not so keen on the OOC storylines from Avengers Academy and Avengers the Initiative so if you can pretend they didn't exist I'd be in your debt. If you want to bring in other New Warriors characters, I have no problem with that but if you could keep Vance front and centre of the story please.

The Martian (2015): Mark Watney (The Martian 2015), Chris Beck (The Martian 2015)

Well where do you even start with The Martian. The film is just amazing with great character moments and long loving looks at the landscape. I've read a list of the extended Blu-ray deleted/extended scenes and wow, yes please. I think people being really competent and good to each other is so pleasant so mabye just Beck being a good doctor and Mark being an irrascible but also vulnerable at times patient on the journey home and anything around that. I imagine that when the stress of being marooned is lifted, the weight of what happened will hit Mark and maybe Beck can be a doctor of the soul after all.

I don't ship the two characters particularly because I kind of loved the adorkable-ness of Beck with Johanssen but if you want to explore something then sure, this is also about you being a happy writer. :)

Firestarter - Stephen King: Charlie McGee (Firestarter - Stephen King)

When I saw Firestarter come up I was intrigued by what could be written, in fact I barely remember the book so I won't hold you to any details whatsoever. Maybe you want a write a fix-it fic where Charlie's Dad lives, or maybe her Mom, or both, a family of powers on the run? What would it be like for her if she and her Dad never went to the cabin at all and were still running from The Shop even years later? Could she control the fire? Would she want to? What if she got married and had children, would they inherit anything from her? Or flip it and she's a villain/a Shop girl until she finds out her Dad never died and The Shop lied to her about so many things for so long - what would she do then? Your ideas or mine, go with what you feel like writing.

Crossfire (Music Video)

Inverted tropes? Oh my, yes please! Distressed Dude and Action Girl! Ninjas! Distressed Dude being rescued again and again by Action Girl from those pesky ninjas! That smile he gives her when she arrives and finishes kicking ninja butt each time, he's so glad to see her and she kind of looks at him like she doesn't get him at all. Maybe I'm wrong, but it almost feels like everything takes place all in one night too like it's a long series of kidnappings and rescues. It doesn't have to be romantic if gen is what you feel, I'm very happy to read gen. Write what you will, I adore this video, you can't go wrong here.

We Are All Completely Fine - Daryl Gregory: Harrison Harrison (We Are All Completely Fine - Daryl Gregory

I requested Harrison Harrison alone because I liked the way he interacted with each of the other characters in the book and I'd be happy with anything from a solo adventure story to a ensemble piece, whatever feels right to you. I felt he and Barbara had shared history with the Scrimshander that went largely unexplored within the context of the group, and he and Stan were kindred spirits in the lost-a-limb to monsters stakes as well. I felt he was so jaded but the group got him genuinely interested in life again. There's no fic at all about this novella so anything that adds to the canon is very exciting.


I like:
Happy endings, fluff, crack (where indicated), plottiness, hurt/comfort, kindness, height difference, love, tenderness, friendship, families being families, domestic fic, heroism, magic, fix-it fics, holiday fics, rule 63 (where indicated), touch, intimacy, the mundane, mentors being awesome, secret identity failures, happy endings.

I really absolutely totally do not like:
Explicit sex, bdsm (particularly dominance), realistic or graphicly described violence, any combination of those (I won't make a list of kinks I don't like, just think as vanilla as possible please), fetishism, rape, non-con or dub-con, underage, physical or mental or sexual abuse and anything that comes under those banners, self-harm, good going evil, dark themes, dark fic, a huge multitude of AUs, angst or depressive stories of any kind, character death, animal abuse and/or pet death.

Doesn't worry me in the slightest:
Offensive language doesn't bother me. Slash or yaoi is all good and fine (where indicated).

If you want clarification on any part of this or have questions, please don't hesitate to get a mod to ask me on your behalf. I can't figure out this anonymous commenting because it's late and I'm super tired and formatting is defeating me as well. I'm very happy to answer any and all questions you have. I don't want this experience to feel stressful because you were unsure about something that I could answer really quickly.

Thank you for chosing to write in one of my requested fandoms. :)

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