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While it's true that I basically gave up during my nervous breakdown time, I am inspired by ariabauer to just write for the sheer love of it and build up my writing skills again.

My debt to fanfiction
supertights: Gif of a cat driving a car (Taxicat.)
I, of course, am not an expert in this. Let's be honest from the outset though, there are very few, if any, original ideas left in writing. There are simply original takes on things that have already happened at other people's pens.

Context: I'm trying to write a story for "an upcoming fandom exchange" that walks a fine line between original fiction and inspired by the "core material" while not being a word for word copy, an uses 'tropes sparringly but well.

Fantasy: I want it to be fun, quirky, sassy. I want it to be memorable.

Reality: At this point, I'm going to hope for the best. I'm not feeling my story at all, it's the second major attempt at writing something for this prompt, the first attempt didn't feel right even as I was writing it-- this one feels moderately better but meh overall. It feels a little violent, vulgar, and ugly.

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