Sunday, April 12th, 2015 11:15 pm
supertights: Gif of a cat driving a car (Taxicat.)
Short and sweet this week.

All is meh in the world. I have signed up for two exchanges and my fandom requests are meeting with rejection, disdain even. I shall be dropping out of one very shortly, and risk dropping the other if things don't improve. I will not adjust my settings to make life easier for other people.

Work continues to be ugh.

My sister was surprisingly PMS this week, OMG I wanted to just silence her fucking tone of voice and the things she was saying to me.

On an unrelated note, I was thinking today, do the successes of Lil' Bub and Grumpy Cat make it easier in this world for non-average moggies to be adopted and loved. Not simply for perceived fame for a funny looking cat, but simply because people are changing their preconceived notions of what cats mean to us and whether having a perfect pussy cat is important anymore. If you can afford the upkeep of a cat with health issues, is there any reason not to give one a home and the love it certainly deserves? Thoughts to be thunk on.

I'm still not quite there myself personally, maybe one day in the future I'll be emotionally resilient enough to adopt again.

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